FDM Capability

FDM stands for Fused Deposition Modelling  (also known as or FFF) is probably the most common from of 3D printing today. Thermoplastics are fed through a nozzle which builds your object layer by layer. There have been huge leaps in FDM over the years so now you can do more than ever before, in more materials, faster and cheaper than ever, making it a perfect tool for prototypes, models and volume production as a precursor to injection moulding.

Available Materials


If you don’t know your materials don’t worry! Each come with their own pros and cons, I can advise you on what will work best for your application and quote in different materials for comparison.


Everyday prints

• Strong & rigid but brittle
• Poor heat resistance
• Great detail for models
• Great for painting



Functional prints

• Strong and compliant
• Heat resistant to 85C
• Recyclable & food safe
• Great for snap on prints



Tough prints

• Strong & rigid
• Temp resistant to 97C
• Less easily recycled
• Tough prints



Engineering prints

• Superb strength to weight
• Low moisture absorption
• Heat resistance up to 150C
• Great for industrial parts



Flexible prints

• Flexible & strong
• Good low temp properties
• Difficult to post process
• Chemical/solvent resistant


Plant capability

256 x 256 x 256mm Build size (batch)

350 x 350 x 450 Build size (large format)

0.02mm min layer height

7 μm Lidar resolution

0.1mm Dimensional accuracy

500 mm/20 ms² Next gen high speed printing

16 Colour & Multi material printing

Get a quote

If asking about a product quote or service, try to include details like size, quantity, if they need to be strong etc – also links to models if you’ve found something you’re looking to get printed.

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