Low grade freewheels fill up with road gunk super fast, sound like a bag of spanners and simply stop turning round very well. While you can take these cheap freewheels to bits, they’re never the same again and normally need replacing. Using this little cover you can stop most of the c$%p from your mudguards and those foot guards dripping straight onto your freewheel, helping prolong its lifespan and keep it working Rad.

There are two mounting options, one for if you are using the rear derailleur guard and one if you’ve removed it – for which you’ll need different bolt lengths (please select your option). The mounting is simple, the Allen bolts cutting directly into the PLA – you can also ad a little glue or thread lock if you wish, but thus far hasn’t been required on test models.

In the kit you’ll get the

  • Freewheel cover
  • 2mm spacer
  • 5mm spacer
  • 12mm or 16mm Allen bolts (or both! +£1)
  • Mounting instructions



Weight 35 g
Dimensions 13 × 2.5 × 6 cm

Black, Orange, Bright Silver